Episode 15 – Ben Should Talk More

Ben's Gonna Eat YOU!

Darksiders II!  Also other things are discussed in this riveting episode of Eight and a Half Bit.  These other things include the craziest week of Valve news ever, Gamescon wrap up, James tearing into the beloved Super Metroid and Ben gets a special birthday surprise!

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Show notes after the break.

What I’ve been playing

Paul: Darksiders II, TF2 Man vs Machine, TSW, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Papa and Yo, XIII
James: Darksiders II, DOTA 2, TF2 Man vs Machine, TWS
Ben: Modern Warfare 3

Oldie of the week

Super Metroid

News that matters

Valve week


Happy Action Theatre 2!  (Skip to 33 minutes to lose your shit in smiles)

News attack

Ubisoft launches its own online platform
Hotline Miami on Steam
Paul puts in a Black Ops 2 multiplayer related link
Day z standalone might be coming to consoles
Castle Crashers coming to PC
Command & Conquer goes Free 2 PlaySign up for the Beta
Playstation All-Stars is “cross-buy” for PS3 and Vita
Origin to infect everything
OnLive acquired by an unknown party and lays off staff  (Update)
The Secret World in New York
WoW Mists of Pandaria Cinematic


Planetary Annihilation
Mercenary Kings
Super Off-Road

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