Episode 16 – A Pirate Movie Rated R for Adult Themes and Language

Look it's Dark Souls!

Time to get down and get funky with this weeks rip and rolling episode of Eight and a Half Bit! Up for discussion is the worlds worst port of one of the best games of all time Dark Souls. Argue with Argument Champion, power through with the Powerpuff Girls, get dizzy with Fantastic Dizzy and… league on with league of legends? Australia gets it’s first state to sign R 18+ into law and F2P is taking over everything! All this and more when you put us in your ears.

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Show notes after the break.

Oldie of the Week
Fantastic Dizzy

News that matters
ACT first to get R18+ rating for Games
Ubisoft claims incredible piracy rate means they have to go F2P

News Attack
Dark Souls gets fan made High Res fix 23 minutes after release
Resident Evil 6 Skill Sets
Devs leaving facebook due to high cost
Sleeping Dogs DLC
State of Decay  (More stuff)
Layoffs Galore
Diablo 3’s designer is a douchebag of the highest order
Black Isle resurrection
Borderlands 2d
Molyneux’s boring nothing of a wankfest is delayed
I am Alive on PC
Co-Op added to Spec-Ops: The Line
No Singleplayer for C&C Generals 2
Mario Bro clone on the Atari 2600 (3d one on the Saturn)
Just Cause 2 Multipayer (on sale this weekend too)
Samsung owes apple lots of money
Dogfight 1942
F1 2012 to have multiplayer stuff added throughout season
New XCOM trailer
Manchester United Confirmed for PES 2013

Pray for Dark
Broken Sword
Flight of the Wisp
Fields of Fresh

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