Episode 19 – Generic to the Maxxx

Look at them cans. Can.

It’s show time kids. Ben takes his time to turn up but that doesn’t stop us getting into the nitty gritty of Black Mesa, Wii-U launch, the terrible turn Overstrike has taken, MGS3D, Obsidian’s new Kickstarter and 4 more things!  Get it into you!

We’re also starting a game club. Firstup we’ll be playing through Black Mesa Source since it’s free for everyone.  Play through till the end of chapter 4: Office Complex and we’ll discuss it next week.  Also join the Eight and a Half Bit Steam Group.

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Show notes after the break

Oldie of the week
Wario Land 4

Wii-U Launch details released

Overstrike which is now Fused
Microsoft’s Environmental Display

News Attack
The Secret World Issue 2 delayed again
ARMAIII devs arrested for spying
Strangers Wrath HD patch released for PC
Planetary Annihilation tops 2.2 million
First bunch of games to get through Steam Greenlight
Chris Roberts is launching a new project
Steam’s Big Picture mode is live
Legend of Grimrock level editor
Double Fines Middle Manager of Justice accidentally released
Japanese 360 version of Metal Gear Rising cancelled
Guild Wars 2 sells 2 million
Earth Defence Force 4
Amnesia Dev’s talk secret project and piracy
Black Ops 2 on Wii-U has local multiplayer
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii-U. Shares game data with 3DS
Details on Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
P-100 now the Wonderful 101
A Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
The Banner Saga Factions
Curse of Nordic Cove

Rhythm Destruction
Sealark an Oceanic Adventure
Project Eternity

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