Episode 20 – The podcast with well integrated multiplayer

Drop in and out and stay a while

Topics, subjects, opinions and comments. We’ve got them all. Want to hear about Torchlight 2? PES 2013? Borderlands 2? Guild Wars 2? Tutu 2? Scooby Tooby two? We’ve got it all and best of all nobody got fired.

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Show notes after the break

News That Matters
Publishers viewing Kickstarter with Evil Eyes
Sony expands Playstation Mobile
Borderlands 2 review is a thing of glory
Cabin in the woods and left 4 dead cross over

News Attack
Russian Borderlands 2 release all kinds of screw up. Fixed?
Unity gets it on with the Wii-U
Project Eternity to be released on GOG
Dragon Age 3
PS3 slimmer  More
Tetsuya Mizuguchi leaving game dev
Stupid Half Life 3 rumour we have no reason to believe
Dragon’s Dogma Expansion
Gearbox are naughty and steal artwork
This GIF


Game Club
Black Mesa Source

Oh the horror
Circus World

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