Episode 21 – Oopsy Bear

Go get a stick

You so called psychics will never guess word for word everything the boys say in this episode! Here are some hints:

James will say more things about at least one game in the Metal Gear Series.

Paul was briefly engrossed with a iOS puzzle Game.

Ben continues his badminton obsession.

News attack has a new format which will blow your mind!

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Show notes after the break

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is coming
Black Ops 2 Zombies Looks Good

News attack:
Little Inferno and others to be on Wii-U in November
Nintendo announces an entirely acceptable Launch Lineup
mass effect trilogy Ezio cunts Ben’s political career
Ex Rare employees want to make a spiritual successor to Banjo Tooie
The Old Republic Releases 1.4 Update but not Free to Play yet
Wii-U region locked as expected
A reason to mention David Icke on the show!
Jerks try to ruin everyone’s fun in League of Legends
More Ecco the Dolphin on the way
War Z Impressions
First Greenlit game goes live – MxPixel
Decent-inspired Shooter “Miner Wars 2081” to include 16 Player co-op
Bad Piggies looks good
System Shock 2 and Thief receive awesome Fan Patches
The Last Express headed to iOS
Colour Bind hits Steam
Nintendo Quietly Cock-Blocks Flashcards
Humble Indie Bundle 6 has many things for very little monies
Android 25cent sale to celebrate 25 billion downloads
So no one likes Bayonetta on PS3?

Timber and Stone

initiate typing sequence

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