Episode 22 – Hipsters and Sportsfan

Hippy hippy derp derp


Football octopus.  Just think about it.

So many things are discussed this week like ‘Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit’, ‘Rayman Jungle Run’, CliffyB’s departure from Epic Games, PAX Australia, PS+,pornography on your xbox and Ben talks about PES13 AGAIN!

Did you think about the football octopus? I hope so.

Also included in our next gameclub segment where our discussion on Black Mesa continues

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Show notes after the break

Oldie: Stoneage

PAX Aus to be held in Melbourne July 19-21 2013
CliffyB leaves Epic
You Porn advertising in anticipation of 360 web browser
Retro City Rampage to be released October 9 for PC, PSN and Vita. XBLA, Wiiware to follow
Mists of Pandora puts WOW Subscribers back over 10 million
Justin Bieber playable in NBA2k13
The Unfinished swan to launch October 23 (October 16 for PS+ members)
Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo out for Vita
Trials Evolution gets ‘Origin of Pain’ DLC 36 new tracks, new mode
Rovio general manager says kickstarter turns devs into circus performers
Angry Birds Star Wars
Drivable Mechs confirmed for Halo 4 Multiplayer
Xcom may now be a 3rd person downloadable title
City of Heroes unsavable
EA releases Fifa13 for Wii… fans discover it’s Fifa 12 with a squad update
Vita Price cut in 2013
Xbox achievements now do something
DayZ stand alone game this year
WarZ Beta Access
Steam Software live

Ring Runner
An Old School RPG

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