Episode 23 – X-Com vs Dishonored


It’s time we finally settle this age old battle between the just released reworking of the classic x-com and the just released new ip Dishonored.  We have seen enough blood spilt in this war!  Also get yourself some Retro City Rampage, Dino Crisis 2, Chris Roberts new project and some Kickstarting to share.

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Show notes after the break

Oldie of the Week: Dino Crisis 2

News Attack
Roberts Space Industry
Windows 8 store not to carry adult rated games
Playstation Store getting revamped
THQ to close Melbourne Studio
Sony Sues Kevin Butler
OnLive sold for only 4.8 million
WOW hacker kills everyone
Fox to develop Bad Company for TV
A Game of Dwarves $10
LOL is the biggest game in the universe
MW2 map pulled for religious silliness
Indiecade award winners
Guild Wars 2 Halloween update
Halo 4 leaked
X-com video resolution oddness
Visceral making a MOBA?
Serious Sam 3 on XBLA next week
New Valve game Stars of Barathrum?

Super Comboman
Oldschool RPG becomes Shaker

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