Episode 25 – Silver Jubilee

FInally she's valuable!

We’re 25 episodes in and to celebrate we’ve done a regular weekly podcast. You’re welcome internet.

This week Paul’s NDA has been lifted on Hawken, James talks a lot about Blizzard games, Ben’s facsination with Michael Fassbender is revealed and the three of them argue about industry firings. All that and some lots more!

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Show notes after the break

Warcraft – Orcs and Humans

A Game to Play

News Attack
Stop the presses! Ubisoft has a DRM problem
Civilization Online! (but asia only)
Michael Fassbender and his penis cast as lead for Assassin’s Creed film
Dreamweb is freeware
People mod Smash Bros into Playstation All Stars Battle Royale
Borderland 2 coming to iOS (kind of)
Mario 64 multiplayer!
Starcraft 2 to add levelling
Starcraft 2 tries to keep up with MOBAs in eSport
Starblo could have been a thing
Nintendo Holiday Lineup
It’s TF2 Halloween event time again
iPad Mini Announced
Microsoft releases SmartGlass for Windows 8, iOS and Android coming eventually
Microsoft reverses some stupid and backs off regarding 18+ games on Win 8
He-man game released for iOS
Finally! Trains vs Zombies 2!
MechWarrior Online Beta live Monday. -> Sign up now

Star Citizen
Pixel: ru^2
Interstellar Marines: Prologue

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