Episode 28 – Hot, Hot Games

Burning discharge

It’s been a hot, hot week! We’ve been feeling the burn both inside and out what with the ever increasing attacks from our lord The Sun and our love of chilli. Also popular games have been happening including Ben’s smoking hot wife Black Ops 2, Paul’s burning desire Little Inferno, and James’ heat related pun involving Ragnarok Odyssey. Combine that with our usual Kickstarters, News and delightful banter and you’ve got yourself a stew.

WARNING: If you were look forward to the new Gaemclub this week I’m sorry to inform you that it has been delayed until next week due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Show notes After the break.

James’ Oldie:
Metal Gear Solid 1

News Attack:
Curiosity seeks donations to fix broken game
Origin Hacked. Password change time
Valve was making a space game
Awesome Playstation Plus comes to PSVita!
Wii-U system install doesn’t leave much left to play with on basic unit
Barkley Shut Up and Jam getting a sequel
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition Details
Details on how the WiiU online works
Government Funding for the Australian Games Industry
Microsoft has no plans to bring Direct X11.1 to Windows 7
Valve confirms working on a new Source Engine
PC Version of Black Ops 2 ships with Mass Effect 2
Valve DOTA2 Documentary online
Vice City pulled from steam and other outlets
3DS outsells Vita 47-1

Fist of Awesome
Spud’s Quest
Kaiju Combat
Worm Run
Retro Skate

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