Episode 29 – Thanksgiving Spectacular

Gobble gobble

This week an entire continent gave thanks to us! Bless you Africa!  In response we decided to talk about some videogames for once.

GAMECLUB included this episode so I hope everyone got their Dreamweb on.  Considering the length of the game we’re going to alter the plan for the next edition and play through the rest of the game.

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Show notes After the break.

Double Fine Amnesia Fortnite
Nintendo does the internet really fucking right
OnLive to be installed on LG Televisions
Hitman Absolution ditches Online Pass at 11th hour
Star Citizen raised a lot of money (6 million)
GREE shuts down OpenFient with a 1 month deadline
Nintendo uses a one time transaction for due diligence
XBLA Karaoke to charge by the hour
Sony lowered the barrier for PSVita Development
EA says the darndest things
Pokedex comes to iOS
Angry Birds take control of Finish beverage industry
Japan blocks R4 carts just in time before piracy become a problem for the DS
Black ops 2 nuketown map taken away, people complaing, so it sort of comes back.

Tiny Barbarian DX
Legend of Dungeon
The Last Door
Dizzy Returns

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