Episode 31 – Wiiu Wiiu Wiiu Wiiu Wiiu


It’s the Wii-U spectacular! Both Paul and James have a Wii-U and Ben announces it as his favourite console ever.  We’ve got Mario, Nintendoland, Zombi-U and more from Nintendo’s exciting new console. Also Dark Souls 2 was announced and Paul tried Black Ops 2.  Plus we finish of the current Gameclub game Dreamweb.

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Show notes After the break.


The Stick of Truth looks incredible
The Walking Dead is the VGA’s Game of the year
$28 short of funding goal thank god
The Queensland government fucking sucks
Square Enix. Masters of marketing
IGF finalists get steam distribution
Bioshock infinite delayed
Pro League League of Legends Player Banned for being a Jerk
Nintendo do some bad internet again
Rayman Legends gets february release (Dec Demo)
Steam Big Picture Mode comes out of Beta
Crowdsourcing assets for Wasteland 2
New world added to rayman jungle run
Company of Heroes Movie straight to BluRay
The Phantom pain = New Metal Gear
Metal Gear rising: revengeance demo (Dec 13)
iOS Game “Battle Dungeon” Pulled because of too much piracy


Gametron 1000
Super bunny insurrection

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