Interview – Ron Gilbert

We're not worthy

Today we interview the magnificent Ron Gilbert of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Deathspank and now The Cave fame!  Join us as we probe his every nook and cranny to find out details on his past and present titles, his process, how he sees the industry and even what he thinks about Lost!  We literally have all the Ron you could want.

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3 thoughts on “Interview – Ron Gilbert

  1. I don’t know what LOST you guys were watching but they 100% showed you what the statue was, fully complete/built.

    • Paul Bit says:

      You know I totally forgot but you are of course right. I think because its revelation ultimately mean much I didn’t take note but when it was just a foot I was excited about a world of possibility so it made more of an impression.

  2. […] Listen to our previous interview with Ron here. […]

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