Episode 39 – The Greatest Episode of all Time

We're always great

Sometimes everything is just the best and today that may as well be this podcast.  The PS4, torture in splintered cell, the best DLC ever, OUYA, Valve’s long term goals and we all get to play Balloon Fight. Well Paul does.

It’s not just for us though let James know you care about “sounds a bit like” and guess the game!  Sexy photos of the cast for all winners.

Also: Surgeon Simulator 2013

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Lumino City
Oliver & Spike
Dark Souls II 25% done
Chivalry gets a major content update
Medal of Honor series dead
New Spliter Cell game cuts controversial torture content
Game Jam for OUYA results in 150 submitted games
Wii-U Virtual Console
Valve News:

Valve vs Consumer rights

Like to make hats? You can make a lot of money apparently

Valve on separating from steam

Temple Run 2 up to 50 million downloads
Grasshopper Manufacture merging with GungHo Online Entertainment
DICE working on Frostbite for OSX
Hideo Kojima is an action figure
THQ Sale: Darksiders and Red Faction IP have not yet been put up for auction
Origin has 39 million users
MS done with XNA
Warren Spector’s studio Junction Point has been closed
PS4 on Feb 20?
Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) signed as director of World of Warcraft film
D.I.C.E. 2013 Keynote to be given by Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams
War of the Roses getting free version
COD:BLOPS2 finally gets good

Crowd Funding
Ritual DementiaWe're always great

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