Episode 40 – A World Without Joy

Smooth move Ubisoft

A week of ups and downs. Rayman gets a massive delay, The Witcher 3 is announced and the next Xbox has some seriously concerning rumours surrounding it. Also did anyone else like ObsCure?

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Show notes After the break.

Game Watch
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Wasteland 2

Rayman Legends delayed in cock block move of the year
Don’t worry though. Wii-U players will get a NEW DEMO!
The Witcher 3 revealed
When 5.8 million in sales isn’t good enough
Dead Space 3’s microtransaction plan foiled by meddling kids
NextBox to block used games and require always online?
Bullet Run to close in March… remember Bullet Run?!
No God of War Ascension for Queensland
Origin on Mac
Journey kills at D.I.C.E. awards
Portal and Half-Life films in development
Hitman film reboot in the works
Antichamber recouped its investment money in less than an hour
Ni No Kuni #1 in UK charts
Over 100 million skylanders toys sold
Double FIne bringing REDs and The Cave to OUYA
Notch’s unable to fund Psychonauts 2
Brutal Legend coming to PC?
Crytek has no interest in pursuing Darksiders IP

Crowd Sourcing
Fuzzy Slaughter
Dreamfall Chapters
The Golem
Project Awakened
Secret Spaceship Club
Delver’s Drop
Death Inc
At the Gates


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