Episode 41 – Alien Vs Pre-order-tor

 We lose

Wow Gearbox! WOW! Also we’ve got some details on the PS4 which is only 3 sleeps away from its supposed revelation!  Chuck in some cult leader training, metal hats and Nazi Zombies and you’ve got your self an Eight and a Half Bit stew.

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Show notes After the break.

Game Watch
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
Ether One: The Restorer

Aliens: Colonial Marines – WTF?
Tank! Tank! Tank! goes free to play
Are game demos worth it?
Nintendo Direct full of 3DS news
A failure of F2P? Tribes Ascend adds purchase option
Preorder a secret game?
The PS4 controller(‘s early prototype) revealed!
Notch Funding Age of Wonders III
Legacy of Kain and Wolfenstien returning?
A third of gen Y Australians use phone on toilet
Ron Gilbert to be keynote speaker for PAX Australia
R18+ rating now passed in QLD
Batman Arkham 3 to release this year
Who needs Rayman? Superfrog to return
Shootmania Storm in Open Beta
The 90’s Racer to be published by Nicalis and include Wii-U support
Bit Summit

Whispering Willows
Sunshine Compound
Defile of Eden 2

We lose

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