Episode 43 – Wheat Washing Machine

Let's take a roll in the hay

Assassin’s Creed is dead long live Assassin’s Creed!  Are pirates just what the series needed? It can’t hurt. Also we’ve got even more motion tech vying for our attention with the MYO, EA says the darndest things, a game called SABBAT, the OUYA is very close and even more words that should be acronyms but on the whole aren’t.

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Show notes after the jump.


Game Watch
Ultima Forever – New teaser and screenshots
Deadfall Adventures
Mars: War Logs
Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Late-to-the-party PSA
10 Year Discount Code for AU Price Gouging at GreenMan Gaming

Assassin’s Creed 4 – Black FlagTrailer
Riot Games opens in Sydney
OUYA coming to backers in a month. Heaps of games to go with it.
PS3/4 Diablo 3 to be playable Offline
The War Z is back!
Notch shaves his beard
Remember Me release date : June 4
Williem DeFoe joins Ellen Page!
Windwaker inspired “Oceanhorn” accidentally released into NZ AppStore
Additional content in Atelier Totori Plus moves it from PG to R18+
Doublefine announce Leap project
Battlefield Heroes add Aliens
Uncharted 3 multiplayer goes F2P
Leap to release in May

Project Awakened and Death Inc need pledges!
Empire Eden
Grumps Quest
Another Castle


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