Weekly Video Roundup 17th of May 2013

They did do that on televisionYou eyes will burst in a geyser of joy when experiencing the glory of this week’s videos.

Videos after the jump.

Scribblenauts Unmasked by 5th Cell (3DS, Wii-U, PC)

It’s the Scribblenauts we know mixed with the DC superhero universe. At first I didn’t get it but I can certainly see potential with some of the environment, scenarios and customization of heroes.  At the very least it’s a perfect mechanic for the Green Lantern.

Loadout by Edge of Reality (PC)

To celebrate Loadout coming to Steam’s Early Access here’s a look at the multiplayer 3rd person shooter with all of the pew but none of the pay!

Ride to Hell: Route 666 by Deep Silver (XBLA, PSN)

I haven’t posted anything from this game until now because I didn’t really get it. This video shows off the game itself much better. Gang vs gang motorcycle strategic action?  Why the hell not!?

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures by Namco Bandai (360, PS3, Wii-U)

Because god is dead.

Survivor Squad by Endless Loop Studios (PC)

4 player, team based,  top down, survival horror game. I would gladly betray Ben in a round of this.

Here we are again. You’ve seen the games now pit them against each other in a cage match to the death!

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One thought on “Weekly Video Roundup 17th of May 2013

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