Episode 59 – WTFosoft!?

We don't know how our feels feel

Microsoft did some things. Namely going nuclear on the Xbone’s controversial DRM policies. Some people are happy, some people are confused and Ben people are sad about it. But screw that because Paul got an OUYA!

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Show notes after the jump.

Spartacus Legends
Wicked Paradise
Hotline Miami 2
News attack
Nintendo going Free2Play with Steel Diver
Ken Levine is writing the Logan’s Run remake
No Ignite games for PC
IO Interactive hit with layoffs
Nvidia Shield gets a price cut
The War Z finally changes its name (game still terrible)
Baldur’s Gate Pulled
Joe Danger on PC gets TF2 + Minecraft characters and worlds (confirms purchase by Paul)
Best TF2 Crossover (Will be purchased by Paul)
State of Decay is kicking arse
The Chaos Engine is returning
Xbone dev kits are windows 7 with nvidia graphics cards?
MS still, hates, indies
The 10 cancelled Legacy of Kain Games
Crowd Funding
Soul Saga
Bow Blade
LFG – The Fork of Truth
Dub Wars
Dark Matter
 Pick of the week: Dark Matter


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