Episode 61 – Twice as Scandalous Twice as Fine

Th banner is relevant?

So much scandal this week as we rant about Doublefine’s budget concerns, EA’s unethical sales and Nintendo’s unending stubbornness. Also The Last of Us, Kickstarters and more No Break Valet!

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Show notes after the jump.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2013
Dark Souls Spectrum ZX Demake
Darkspore issues shows why EA and Origin still sucks
Doublefine scandal
Nintendo to stick by region locking after Miiverse protests
Cube World is released to crushing popularity
Tokyo Jungle Mobile to be released next week
Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed gets CoH crossover
World of Warcraft considering Microtransactions
Female Marine added to Natural Selection
Change your uPlay passwords
Xbox was could have been called Face. FACE!
State of Decay drops Co-op DLC plans
Don Mattrick joins Zynga
Watchdogs ARG uses a real money spitting ATM
FEZ Finally Patched on Xbox
Level editor added to Monaco
Crowd Funding
Pooka Pets
SOS: Ship of Sacrifice
Project Maiden
Pick of the week
Ben: Freebooter
James: SOS: Ship of Sacrifice
Paul: Project Maiden
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