Episode 64 – Shadowrun in the Pikmin Garden

In the garden of Pikmin baby

We’ve got Pikmin 3! Shadowrun Returns! Rudd Vs Abbot!  TWO NEW SIMS 3 EXPANSIONS!!! These topics are getting less interesting as I go along. The first two though? Worth all of your time! Also Downton Abbey, Firefly and how Nintendo hates Japan!

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Crowd Funding Picks
Paul: Gods Will Be Watching
James: Precinct
Ben: Last Jungle in Sector 17

Show notes after the jump.

First Looks
New Sims 3 expansion!!!!
Wayward Manor
Firefly MMO
Self publishing now happening on XBone
Nintendo hates Japanese Indies
Greenlight problems + 16 new games greenlit
Atari Asset Sale
Viscera Cleanup now had co-op
COD: Ghosts coming to Wii-U
Rayman Legends now includes 40 Rayman Origin levels and more
OZombie Kickstarter canceled
US Government recognises Pro Gamers as Professional Athletes
Gearbox updating Homeworld 1&2 for re-release
Splunkey PC Daily Challenges
PSA: Ass Creed 2 now free for Live! Gold members
Torchlight 2 = bigger than Jebus
New Smash Bros has no cutscenes because of Youtube?
Magicka: Wizard Wars Alpha Sign-Ups
Activision are now indie!
Cancelled Kickstarters
Blood and Bacon (not good but worth a discussion)
Crowd Funding
Gods Will be Watching
Chroma Squad
Legend of Iya
Last Jungle in Sector 17
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