Episode 65 – Don’t EverQuest-ion me. Don’t ever censor me. Don’t ever leave me.

Happy Birthday Liam

EverQuest Next looks incredible, Australian censorship continues to infuriate and Phil Fish leaves the industry in a spectacular fashion. Not to mention Bioshock Infinite DLC, crazy Oculus Rift experiments, kickstarter and a little game where you Mount Your Friends. Most incredible of all though is that it was Liam O’Sullivan’s birthday this week!

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Crowd Funding Picks
Paul: Space Shock
James: Space Shock
Ben: Bain’s Redemption

Show notes after the jump.

Game Looks
Everquest Next
Paperdude VR
Mount your friends
More minecraft in space
Saints Row IV RC again. GTA V gets through with 18+ along with the Meth Cooking Payday 2. Then Saints Row IV gets through… as MA15+
Phil Fish leaves the game industry unceremoniously cancelling Fez 2
Super Meat Boy movie LOLs
WTF is happening with Prey 2!?
Self-publishing coming to X360 this month
August’s Live! freebies
Zynga doesn’t want to Bang with Friends
Player Item Creation in PLanetside 2
New Outcast game/s on the way
Star Citizen reaches $15 milllion
WoW losses 600,000 subscribers leaving only 7.7 million
Cloud based lighting. Suck it James
Bioshock Infinite coming to Mac
Boob Jam!
Crowd Funding
Space Shock
Revolution 60
DK’s Reality Death Maze
Sword n Board
Bain’s Redemption
Will to Survive


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