Episode 67 – Day 4 Pay

Money makes the world go round

The boys celebrate Ben’s birthday by all being sick and Ben says upwards of 7 words. Paul and James have been playing Payday 2 and have feelings on the subject while Ben has been involved in some kind of golf orientated activity. There a bunch of XBone news and GTA Online looks amazing. Throw in the zombie parkour game Dying Light and the mysterious yet beautiful Dungeon of the endless and you sir/madam/hedgehog have got yourself a stew.

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Crowd Funding Pick: Stone Rage

Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
Dungeon of the Endless
Grand Theft Auto Online
Dying Light
Enemy Starfighter
Controller won’t work on PC at launch
XBone can reduce performance to combat overheating
8 countries dropped from 2013 launch
Kinect can be unplugged
CoD And BF4 Season Passes will transfer between XB1 and 360
The Dragon, Cancer becomes an OUYA exclusive
CS:GO to get new weapons and creates
Chivalry sells over 1.2 million copies
Oh fuck off Bethesda and Prey 2
Fake Indiegogo Campaign for Shadow of the Eternals
A Machine for Pigs out Sep 10
COD: Ghosts already graphically superior on PC than Next Gen Consoles
Crowd Funding
Project Phoenix
Shades of Sanity
Starcraft Universe
Stone Rage



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4 thoughts on “Episode 67 – Day 4 Pay

  1. Thank you very much for discussion our game Shades of Sanity! Your critiques and feedback have proved to be very helpful.

    • James Bowling says:

      No problem – sometimes I worry our criticisms come across a little harsh, but we do honestly want to see projects like these come to fruition – there is a reason we pick them out to talk about them. Sometimes you just need to tweak your strategy for it all to come together. We know that running a kickstarter is very tricky business.

  2. Danny says:

    Hey gents,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our game Concursion!
    It’s super great to hear the things you’re looking for. In fact, a great many of those very things are underway. 🙂

    If you’re interested in learning more, seeing more, or just chatting, we’d love to share.
    You can hit me up, or we can chat at Danny@puuba.com.

    Thanks again so much!

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