Interview – Chris Jones

Oh no not Murphy

We speak with the legendary Chris Jones about the upcoming return of Tex Murphy with Tesla Effect among SEVERAL other topics!

Watch the Youtube version here.

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.


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6 thoughts on “Interview – Chris Jones

  1. Call_Of_Duty_Hardcore says:

    AAHAHAHA – interactive movie? A million dollar budget? BWAHAHAHAAHAH! Rent a movie you morons!!! Could have easily made a shooter game.

  2. Morons Not the Target Audience says:

    Return to your basement

  3. Damo says:

    So in other words Kickstarter is good for resurrecting has-been, washed up ideas that have no relevance to now? There’s a reason why no major company financed this; because nobody wants to pay for it apart from butt hurt gamers on Kickstarter. But, you get what you pay for I guess. The fad should be dead pretty soon…once again.

    • Paul Bit says:

      Actually crowd funding is pretty much the only financing mechanism that proves a market large enough to support a product exists. What makes you think that somehow publishers are so wise as to be the only legitimate gatekeepers regarding what can be made? Especially since the success of projects such as these prove that there are large sections of the gamer population that are not being satisfied by modern publishers.
      Perhaps focus your attention on projects you care about instead of wishing the disappearance of those you obviously don’t?

    • gufino2 says:

      Talking about washed-up ideas, what do you think about the countless sequels/clones of CoD, Assassin’s creed, GTA etc etc? Are those games based on brilliant brand-new amazing ideas? … Oh, wait, let me guess…Are you gonna use the “amazing graphics!” bit to support the greatness of said games?

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