Episode 76 – The Stanley Pokemon

Feed them after midnight for a fun treat

Paul loves The Stanley Parable, James loves Pokemon X & Y and Ben loves the feeling he gets when everything is safe and friendly. Rabbids vs Angry Birds, Projected AR and of course the return of BOOGERMAN!

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben and James: Obduction
Paul: Boogerman (Bonus: Eden Star and Scale)

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
How To Survive
Angry Birds GO!
Rabbids Big Bang
Crytek crunch Time
Cross platform play fine by Nintendo
Cross platform play with PC “makes sense” with Xbone
XP system gone from Thief
Star Trek online… DINORIDERS!
The Witness reportedly 25-40 hours long
Kickstarter coming to Aus and NZ
Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan coming to PS4 Cross Buy
Warface goes live on October 21
GTA being rebuilt in Game Maker
David Hayter join The Long Dark
Pokemon X&Y sell over 4 million in first 2 days
Sportsfriends coming to PS4
SoftBank, Gung Ho(Puzzle & Dragons) buy SuperCell (clash of clans) for $1.5 Billion
Ubisoft delays Watch Dogs and The Crew
2K Marin effectively closed
Project Spark does not require a Gold Subscription
Happy Wars has 6 million players
Crowd Funding
Shaman : Shadows of the Last Immortal
Eden Star
WHY SO MUCH LACROSSE?! Lacrosse Video Game or 3D MVP Lacrosse
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