Episode 77 – Week of Scandal

How scandalous!

Four scandals in just one week! What is the gaming community coming to!? Youtube take-downs, unfinished games, unintended nudity, setting children on fire are all part of this week’s discussion. Don’t just focus on the troubles though we have some excellent games to discuss and the best game of all time is being kickstarted!

Crowd funding picks
Paul and Ben: Night in the Woods
James: Red Baron

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Show notes after the jump.

The Garry’s Incident incident
The matter with Dark Matter
Sony goes beyond to censor Beyond: Two Souls debug news
The Stanley Parable… HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PUN THAT?!
The Story of Forced
Reborn Kickstarter cancelled just like we knew it would be
Industry veterans launch Oxide Games to work on 64bit cross platform engine for PC, Ps4 and Xbone
Oculus Rift support for… EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2
Oculus Rift based Space Combat EVE spinoff might not come to PC?
Earthworm Jim joins Boogerman 20th anniversary
PS4 costs around 2 grand in Brazil and here’s why
Ken Levine to receive Lifetime Achievement Award
Sony secures AC4 and Watch Dogs DLC exclusivity for 6 months
Crowd Funding
Confederate Express
Night in the woods
The Escapists
Secrets of Raetikon
Red Baron
Super Roman Conquest


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2 thoughts on “Episode 77 – Week of Scandal

  1. Kilobite says:

    I am one of the creators of Confederate Express.
    We are glad you liked the visuals in the game, but I just wanted to stop by and leave a comment on how it’s done.

    No lightmaps, bumpmaps, depthmaps or any other shaders (except basic unlit) were used to achieve the final result. The whole philosophy behind our production is to achieve a hand-drawn look in any light condition.

    Hope that clears things up and we hope you will check our web-demo coming up in several days!

    • Paul Bit says:

      So really what your saying is James was wrong. This pleases me. I’ll be all over the demo when it’s released too as I’m still very excited for the game.

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