Episode 79 – A Doki Tori Thumping Good Time

We're so organised

Ben plays his favourite game, anticipation after pre-ordering an XBone, Paul gets really into Forced and James plays some kinda real life game. Urgh how dreadful. Harmonix has an awesome looking new game in Thumper, we learn our morals from a robot in Doki Doki Universe and Nintendo shows us why we can’t have nice things. A big bunch of awesome looking kickstarters including one Paul almost forgets to discuss because he’s an idiot.  All that and more!

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Bullet Bros
James: Dungeon Dyslexia
Paul: Interstellaria
Special “How the fuck did I forget to talk about it?!” award: Stasis

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
Doki Doki Universe
Why we can’t have nice things
Unity free for XBone indies
Broken Sword 5 split in two!
Valve revealing Steam Machine partners at CES2014 (in January)
Peggle 2 to miss XBone launch! Also coming to PS3
Valve will not make exclusive games for SteamOS
Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix still maybe something!
Killer Instinct Complete being given to some Live members
Prison Architect doing phenomenally well for a game that isn’t done
Crowd funding
Dino Run 2
Project Sen
Football Empire
Dungeon Dyslexia
Bullet Bros



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One thought on “Episode 79 – A Doki Tori Thumping Good Time

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