Episode 80 – Brand New Consoles That We Don’t Own

Twiddle these knobs

The Playstation 4 is released but not in our country so… we’ve got that going. James flies a plane, Ben goes on a holiday and Paul rants about pixel art. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Child of Light, the new Uncharted, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, how the indie revolution is over and our weekly kickstarters are all accounted for this week. Paul even gets to drop Jodorowsky into a videogame discussion!

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: 1979 Revolution
James: Dex
Paul: LISA

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Show notes after the jump.

Game watch
Child of Light Gameplay
Sony can monitor and record us!
Ryse censored in the US
FTL gets expansion and iPad version
Amazon now has a PSN store
Temple Run is getting a movie
IGF sees over 1000 entries
PS4 will get proper media support eventually
EA dropped off the map for a while
Classic Snake in MGSV
Thief disposes of QTEs
10.1 Million people pirated Football Manager 2013
TF2 says it’s halloween FOREVER!
Towerfall adding new everything and coming to PS4 and PC
Crowd Funding
LISA  (Bonus video)
Pirates of new horizons
1979 Revolution
So Many Me
Catacomb Kids
Hand of Fate
The 7th Guest 3
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