Episode 83 – Wolf among Ewe


Paul plays all the games (Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Wolf Among Us, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Broken Sword 5, Shadow Warrior, SteamWorld Dig), James plays some of those games plus Galactic Starfighter and Ben finally plays an XBone game on his Xbone!

Crowd Funding Pick: The Slaughter

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Show notes after the jump.

Call of Duty Online
Gaikai for PS4 coming to NA in Q3 2014, Europe not until 2015?
First ID@Xbox developers revealed
Steam hits 7 million concurrent users
Insane Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod getting a steam release
Lindsay Lohan allegedly suing GTAV
Path of Exile still has 250,000 players a day
Super Time Force delayed and coming for Xbone
Gears of War now free for XBLA Gold subscribers
Walking Dead season 2 out on 18th
Destiny Release Date 9th of September 2014
Fallout 4 hoaxy hoaxy hoxy hoax
Crowd funding:
The Slaughter
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