Episode 93 – Titanfall Exclusive! (Not really. Everyone is playing it)

Get in ma belly

The Titanfall Beta is upon as so it’s time to shoot both robots and people. We finally see Lords of the Fallen and Evolve, cover the new Nintendo direct, announce who is a dickhead in the industry and Ben buys some doughnuts.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Darkest Dungeon

James: Star Crawlers

Paul: Galactic Princess

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
Lords of the fallen
Hitman Go
TitanFall – Open to all on Xbone tomorrow and PC to follow shortly after
Nintendo Direct
God of War and Sly Cooper Collections coming to Vita
Risk of Rain coming to Vita
Oculu dickheads
King.com still dickheads
Playboxie adds wii-u support
Watch Dogs Wii-U delayed
Stick it to the Man heading to Wii-U
Ikaruga comes to PC, includes 2 players, one controller mode
Grim Fandango gets mouse control
Lightsaber found in Disney Infinity
Crowd Sourcing
Darkest Dungeon
Hive Jump
Hot Dog Heartache
Star Crawlers
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
Treachery in Beatdown City
Galactic Princess
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3 thoughts on “Episode 93 – Titanfall Exclusive! (Not really. Everyone is playing it)

  1. graphitelab says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the mention about Hive Jump! Would love to talk with you about the game more in depth.

  2. Same, about Treachery in Beatdown City! Thanks, and yeah hit me up if you want to talk about it.

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