Episode 97 – Devastation Everywhere

Don't Forget to Smile

Embrace the despair of Dark Souls 2, the destruction of Titanfall, the sadness of The Dragon Cancer, the hard reality of This War of Mine, the confounding shapelessness of Dominique Pamplemousse and the fractions of Frog Fractions 2.  All this and more as Simone joins us for our most devastating episode ever!

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Duelyst
Simone: Dragon Fin Soup
Paul: Frog Fractions 2

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Show notes after the jump.

Gang Beasts
This War of Mine

Good Guys GOG
CryEngine gets native Linux support
Witcher 3 delayed
Titanfall on XBone will possibly see a resolution increase in future
Titanfall gets Australian servers
Costume Quest 2 announced
LBA gets a mobile port
Driveclub goes back to the drawing board
PS4 gets a price rise in Canada
Inspiration for That Dragon Cancer dies
Crowd Funding  
Proven Lands
Frog Fractions 2
Epoch: Return
Dead Synchronicity
Dragon Fin Soup
The Hero Trap
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