Episode 102 – Layton or Wright


Paul is off climbing a mountain or something, so this week Ben takes the reins as host! Simone joins us again to talk about her iron-fisted management in Prison Architect, and all the genderly ambiguous green dinosaurs you can handle with Yoshi’s New Island. James says some stuff about Elder Scroll Online again, and totally didn’t throw up when riding a virtual Hoverboard in Hill Valley. Kickstarters, mystery sounds, this episode has it all!

Except Paul. There is very little Paul in this episode.

Crowd Sourcing Picks:

James: No. 2 Game
Simon: Hearth Forth, Alicia
Ben: Salvaged

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Show notes after the jump.

Talking Points
World of Darkness MMO canned
Fans begin remake of Jedi Knight 2
Mario kart 8 bundle rumoured
Oculus have sold over 85,000 Dev Kits
Activision has postponed indefinately the Amazing Spiderman 2 on Xbox One
Elder Scrolls Online players create their own trading community (forum)

Doublefine’s Hack and Slash gets it’s own 90s rap trailer
Cult of the Wind lets you live the dream of living the dream of flight!
MLB 14: the show looks pretty

Jetsetters kickstarter cancelled as creators get investment funds
Giant vs Horde
The Eldritch Cases: Dagon
Hearth Forth, Alicia
Mech Runner
Zpocalypse: Survival
Shots in the Dark
No. 2 Game
Catch Up Calu!

2 thoughts on “Episode 102 – Layton or Wright

  1. Brian G says:

    Jazz Jackrabbit. Picked up the soundtrack a couple months ago in a gamemusicbundle dot com.

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