Episode 103 – Totally Fract Up

Go Fract Yourself

Paul is back from the wilderness after defeating all of the nature and he is mad as hell! Also he played the smooth synthetic tones of FRACT OSC while Simone got down and dirty with Portal 2 Thinking with Time Machine Mod and James gets it on with Hitman Go. Not to mention that the landfill of ET cartridges has finally been uncovered, Mario Golf World Tour, Snoop Dogg, The Great Ace Attorney and much more including another great week of crowd funding projects.

Crowd Funding Picks
Simone: The Universim
James: Imagine Earth
Paul: Hover

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Show notes after the jump.

Kill Strain, Entwined, Screamride, Eden Falls
The Great Ace Attorney
ET landfill found!
Twitch liked James’ suggestion re Choice Chamber
Skullgirls adds a male character
Snoop Dogg DLC for Call Of Duty: Ghosts
New Prince of Persia game being made on Rayman engine
Playstation now integrated in new Sony TV just like we predicted along with everybody else
Gameboy is 25!
Sonic Boom and CryEngine 3
SHAREfactory on PS4
Soda Drinker Pro coming to XBone
Goat Simulator getting boxed release
Xbox one releasing in Japan September 4
Crowd Funding
Universe Edge (Demo Available)
Imagine Earth (Demo Available)
The Universim
Exogenesis (Demo Available)
Havoc Your Way
Trial of trails
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