Episode 109 – A Bunch of Card Nerds


It’s only a few days until E3 and how will we pass the time? The boys are still karting with Mario while Simone gets her goat on. James gets into Dragon’s Crown on Vita and plays with some dogs and cats on his 3DS while everyone gets into this week’s fantastic Cheapskate’s Game Club with Card Hunter.

No Cheapskate’s Game Club next week as E3 will consume us all

Crowd Funding Highlights:

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Show notes after the jump.

Mario Maker
Homefront: The Revolution
Hunt: Horrors of the gilded age
Reminder: Early Access might be terrible
Loadout coming to PS4
Dead Rising 3 coming to PC
XBone controller driver released for PC
GOG Galaxy is new GOG distribution client
Witcher 3 still looks fucking amazing
New Game from the developers of Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset
Crowd Funding
Tormentum – Dark Sorrow
See No Evil (Demo Available)
The Dark Nebulus
Land of Labyrinth
The Aegis Effect
Spaceteam Admiral’s Club (Do over Original Pitch)
Skara (Do over Original Pitch)
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8 thoughts on “Episode 109 – A Bunch of Card Nerds

  1. Holy crap, awesome coverage of our Kickstarter campaign! (We’re the guys working on FranknJohn) Love your podcast, one of our team was listening to you guys and heard it – suffice to say you made us very excited 😀 Would you like to play a demo build of the game?
    Cheers guys from rainy Ireland 😀

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