Episode 118 – PrescriptionPixel Watches a Fish With Us

It moved!

PrescriptionPixel joins us in todays fun filled episode. Screen cheating, crawling, taking roads, hearthing stones, shocking bios and metricoing?  I dunno I’m starting to stretch the bit. We do all of that stuff anyway!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: 8BitMMO
Next week: World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

Crowd Funding Picks
James, Ben, Paul: Hard West
Jenny: Kona

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.

News that happened
Sierra is back
Bioshock on iOS
Twitch gets “awesome” automatic content blocking system which totally always works
Fish plays Pokemon (article)
Clarifying EA Access
Ryse comes to PC
Wii-U gets nuketown map for blops 2 in a timely manner
Crowd Funding
Albino Lullaby
Hard West
The Sun Also Rises
Kona (Demo)
Eternal Step
Tetropolis (Videojames at GDC)
Hive Jump (re-starter – Our original interview)
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