Episode 119 – The Spooky Hallways of Gamescom

Die... katana

Gamescom was HUGE this year.  New Silent Hill, Romero is still full of surprises, Michel Ancel and Q-Games unveil completely incomprehensible new IP’s, murder with rollercoasters, Quantum Break and so much more! So much more in fact that the episode is EXTRA VALUE LENGTH!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: World of Guns: Gun Disassembly
Next Week: The Expendabros

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Show notes after the jump.

The Tomorrow Children

Life is Strange (Details)

Romero working on new shooter







Tearaway Unfolded


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


In Space We Brawl

Donut County

Quantum Break

Xbox one – Indie games

Fable Legends

Shadow Realms

Goat simulator is all purchased assets. Goat cost about $20

Unreal Tournament available to play

Night Trap

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