Episode 120 – Bears and Bros

God bless american honey

Against all odds this episode has been recorded and features a variety of terrifying bears from The Behemoth and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Also a bunch of expendable Bros shoot a lot of bad guys with gun.  Throw in some of Ethan Carter’s paranormal investigation, fish playing more videogames, a gang of beasts and the return of crowd funding you’ve got yourself an episode worth listening to with your face ears.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: The Expendabros
Next Week: Arena: Cyber Evolution

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Jelly God
Ben: Age of Grit
Paul: Trouble in the Manor

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.

Let’s Speculate: The Behemoth’s new game
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter gameplay
Fish play Street Fighter 2
Doublefine is publishing Gang Beasts
Reddit is now on the Xbone
Sony shutting down playstation home in Japan
Crowd Funding
Vagante (Demo available)
Jelly God
Land of Traps (Demo available)
Script Kiddies
Sienna Storm
Age of Grit
Super III
Uncrowned Skies (WTF?)
Trouble in the Manor
Adventures of Pip
Rays the Dead
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