Episode 123 – We Can’t All Have an Interesting Destiny

Notch can

James and Paul tackle the big questions this week. Is the Destiny backlash justified? Is Minecraft really worth 2.5 Billion? Will someone please give us Smash Bros 3DS demo codes already? If a Ben isn’t on a podcast does he still not make a sound?

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Ronin
Next Week: Extrasolar

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Black Hat Oculus
Paul: Paradigm

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.

Donkey Kong Country Doom Mod

Crowd Funding

Paradigm (Demo Available)

Extrasolar Season 2 (Season 1 is free to play)

Death to Spies 3 (Demo Available)

Black Hat Oculus

Striker Arena

Zed Defence

Kraden’s Crypt

Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzlers Perplexing Ploy

Kodoku Chronicles

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