Episode 146 – Abobo-Agogo

I Love You Daddibobo

We go on a big adventure with Abobo and nothing will ever be the same again. Paul and James continue to gush over Majora’s Mask, Ben plays Evolve and we find out where the hell Carmen Sandiago is.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Abobo’s Big Adventure
Next Week: Mecha Trigger

Crowd Funding Picks
James and Paul: Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell
Ben: Unravelled

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Show notes after the jump

Captain toad has an attack!?

This week’s Last Guardian Hubbub

Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiago?

Terraria: Other World


Crowd Funding

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire

Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

Edge of Eternity (Demo Available)







Break_In (Demo Available)

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