FMVGames – Episode 15 – Star Wars, Cowboys And Urine

Grab your lightsabers and forget the prequel trilogy it’s time for some Star Wars featuring the forest moon of Endor! But wait there are also hard cowboys having a hard time in Hard West.   Then after we play some Paladins, discuss the EDF and get into all manner is video game stuff we finally settle down and piss on a whole lot of things (in Crypt Worlds[mainly])

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Crypt Worlds

Next Week: Loadout

Pick of the Week: (James), (Anais), Indivisible (Paul)

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Show notes after the jump

Show Notes

Valkyria: Azure Revolution
Earth Defence Force 4.1
Fallout 4 more popular than porn
Design Docs for Arcanum 2 uncovered
Get a Hatoful Boyfriend Plushie
Controller remapping comes to Xbone
The Park coming to consoles
Dragon Quest Heroes heads to PC
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth coming to PS4 and perhaps nothing else
PS2 emulation coming to PS4
Basebuilding in Planetside 2

Crowd Funding

Bellus Mortem
Empires of the Undergrowth
The Last Shore


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