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Elevator Pitch – Icarus Proudbottom: Starship Captain

Dan and Jackie of Holy Wow Studios join us to discuss the newest entry in their cult Icarus Proudbottom series “Starship Captain”.

Holy Wow Studios

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Elevator Pitch – FrankNJohn

We chat to the Paul Conway of Bit Smith Games about FrankNJohn. Part frank, part John but all fun action roguelike insanity.

FrankNJohn on Kickstarter


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Elevator Pitch – Shiftlings

We talk to Natascha Röösli of Rock Pocket Games about their upcoming co-op puzzle platformer Shiftlings as well as all manner of tangentially related subjects.

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Elevator Pitch – Nova 111

Kalin Gorski of Funktronic Labs joins us to talk about and show off in detail their hot new turn based, real time hybrid Nova 111.

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Elevator Pitch – Gunscape

Guns! Shooting! Levels with guns made for shooting! Gunscape isn’t just about shooting it’s about creating… and then shooting! We chat to Aaron Grove of Blowfish Studios about their incredibly fun FPS and construction set Gunscape.


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Elevator Pitch – Treachery in Beatdown City

Shawn Alexander Allen joins us to talk Treachery in Beatdown City. It’s the tactical brawler you wish existed and now it does so wishes come true! Thanks Orama!

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Elevator Pitch – Hive Jump

Matt Raithel from Graphite Lab talks to us about the hot new Co-op, action platformer Hive Jump.

Hive Jump on Kickstarter

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Elevator Pitch – Wayward Terran Frontier

In space no one can hear you loot

We talk to George Hultgren about his incredible looking project, Wayward Terran Frontier which mixes space adventure with hardcore ship simulation. You can support the project on kickstarter or follow the game and try the alpha at the game’s home page.

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.


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