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It’s that time again! Time for Eight and a Half Bit’s annual Game of the Game of the Year! The most fabulous game show for the most fabulous games! Check out your fabulous hosts being fabulous with their fabulous picks! WONDERFUL!

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Top 5 – Games of 2012

I remember when the world ended. The steam sales were great.

It’s a new year so what would be more appropriate than summing up the best games of two years ago? It’s time for the annual Eight and a Half Bit Top 5 of the year before last! If we still remember them, they must have been good.

Next week: Top 5 classic games you can get on digital distribution

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Top 5 – Games of 2011

You won't believe what we didn't care about!

It was over a year ago but 2011 is still close to our hearts. Take bets on our top 5 but no prizes for guessing our super secret GOTY 2011.

UPDATE: Video relevant to James’ #3

Next week: Top 5 Games that should be rebooted

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