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The Bizarre and Brilliant Video Game World of Goichi Suda


When people discuss Japanese video game designer and director Goichi Suda, the subject of film directors who could be considered auteurs often arises in connection, with Suda being compared to David Lynch (Blue Velvet) and Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho), amongst others – inventive and creative directors unafraid to take risks, and whose bodies of work exhibit signature characteristics and elements which clearly identify a particular director’s work as his own. This despite the fact that filmmaking is a traditionally – and almost fundamentally – collaborative effort, as is the case with video games, to a certain extent.

It’s not just the medium of film that’s often brought up but music as well. Suda is a huge and lifelong fan of music, and he and development studio Grasshopper Manufacture, of which he is CEO, proudly proclaim their own “punk attitude” when it comes to video game creation, the company slogan being “Punk’s Not Dead.”

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