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Episode 302 – The Actiblizking is dead! Long live the whatever

69 billion is the sex number times like A LOT! Impossible to work out.

In this episode of video games talking about video games happens. Do you like Magicdweedoo? We do. Also things you might be more aware of Like God of War, Supraland and Outer Wilds… Oh I think we’ve gone back in time again. WATCH OUT MR LINCOLN! 

Oh and Activision getting bought blah blah blah.

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Magicdweedoo Thwee Pack, Heaven Dust 2, Supraland Six Inches Under, Pupparazzi, Blackwind, Deep Rock Galactic, God of War, Bitburner, Escape Simulator, The Outer Wilds, Ashnar 2: Hyperdrive, Elasto Mania, PSVR2, Mealmates, New Ice York, Ticket

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