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Episode 261 – Virtual analog sticks are just plain terrible

If killin’ Nazis is wrong I don’t wanna be right. Other than enjoying the bond of Nazi slaying sisterhood in Wolfenstein: Youngblood we head back to school with the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses and learn to fly with the crowd in thatgamecompany’s follow-up to Journey, Sky: Children of light.

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Sky: Children of Light, Warioware Gold!, Gears 5, OniNaki, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Gears 5, Final Fantasy 14, Switch Lite, Ion Fury, DOOM, Overwatch, A World In My Attic, Stadia

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Episode 238 – Please Rate Me

Amy and Paul are living in a post-James world! He’s dead, or away on holidays or something I forget. Anywho, it’s time to learn some seduction skills in Super Seducer, remember if we like Kirby in Kirby Star Allies, remember is we like bomberman in Bombslinger  and do do the time warp in Minit!

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Bombslinger, Minit, My Lovely Daughter, Super Seducer, Kirby Star Allies, Project Diva, Gun Gal, SoulCalibur VI, Outer Wilds, Killer 7, Fortnight, Super Smash Bros., Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, Captain Toad, WarioWare Gold, Okami HD, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again,  Bomb Chicken, The Messenger

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