Top 5

Sexy Games

Paul James Ben
0 Second Life Second Life
1 Soul Calibur  (Soul Blade) Series Polymorphous Perversity Ass Ass Ins Creed
2 The Sims Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sale Dragon Age Origins
3 Duke 3D Bayonetta Fable 2
4 The Witcher Virtual Valarie 2 God of War
5 Nude Patches Strip Poker 2 Viva Pinata

Top 5 – Sexy Games

Non Human Protagonists

Paul James Ben
1 Bad Mojo Sim Ant Little Big PLanet
2 Deadly Creatures Alley Cat Sam and Max Hit the Road
3 Wolf/Okami Sam and Max Hit the Road Jazz Jackrabbit
4 Unirally/Uniracers Spyro Voodoo Vince
5 Snake Rattle and Roll Gex Wacky Wheels

Top 5 – Games with Non Human Protagonists

Based on a Television Show

Paul James Ben
1 Trapdoor Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Doom
2 Perfect Strangers Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People Doritos’ Crash Course
3 Beavis and Butthead: Virtual Stupidity Batman: Arkham Asylum Lexicross
4 The Simpsons: Bart vs The Space Mutants Kingdom Hearts 2 Jones in the Fast Lane
5 Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold TMNT (1989) Zues

Top 5 – Games Based on a Television Show

Most Overrated

  Paul James Ben
1 Deus Ex Mass Effect Series Minesweeper
2 MDK 2 Baldur’s Gate Oblivion / Skyrim
3 The Longest Journey Angry Birds Red Dead Redemption
4 Uncharted Series MGS3 (original release) GTA IV
5 Oblivion Halo Solitaire

Top 5 – Most Overrated

Rage Quits

  Paul James Ben
1  Captain Comic (PC) The Darkness (Xbox 360)  Castle of Illusion (GEN)
2  Trials Evolution (XBLA) New Super Mario Brothers (DS)  Dragon Age: Origins (360)
3  Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES) Braid (Xbox360)  Tennis (GB)
4  Death Row (XBOX) / Unreal Tournament 3 (PC) Castlevania (GBA)  Death Row (XBOX)
5  Dead Rising (360) Metal Gear Solid 2 (XBox)  Super Mario Land (GB)

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