Episode 10 – Alextravaganza

Why don't they simply build the rock and roll shop closer?

Join the lads this week with our +1 Alex Norton, the mind behind the indie title ‘Malevolence’. Ben misses out on talking about Modern Warfare 3, James complains about pixelated germans, and Paul gets to talk plenty of Kickstarter! Adventure guaranteed plus Shootmania, Shootmania and Shootmania!

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Show notes after the break.

Steam Greenlight
Steam Sales!
Age of Chivalry
Hotline Miami
Kickstarting Penny Arcade
Deadpool Announcement Trailer
Day Z
Amazing Alex
Dark Souls Prepurchase on Stream
Ultima Remake

Oldie of the Week: Red Baron

Successful: Clang!

Defense Grid 2
Bad Planet
Super Motherload
Bad Dudes 2
Kaiju Combat
Moon Intern

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