Episode 11 – Bread Salesmen


This week the lads finally patched the bug that was making them less-handsome, but found it too expensive to get through certification, so now you’re stuck with their hideous features! This week they discuss crazy science future tech (again), grind some zombies for fat loot, and complain about the not-in-the-us tax with online sales. Now with a totally not obnoxious top five list for all to enjoy!

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Show notes after the break.

The War Z
Push to block Geo-IP blocking
Leap – Let’s look at leap some more!
Fez can’t afford to fix its broken patch
Guild Wars 2 – How the wrong expectations might shoot it in the foot
Monthly content updates for TSW
Jet Set radio heading to ios and android
Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux
Ubisofts DRM dies under the mite of Steam Sales
Torchlight THEFT!
Brawler where I can be a bear. SOLD!
Marvel DIABLO!!!!
First screenshot for wasteland 2
Metal Gear rising gameplay
Minecraft XBLA up to 3 million
Some actual details on Ether
Fur Fighters is back!
Oldie of the Week
Wing Commander III – Heart of the Tiger

Jack Houston and the Necronauts
Wicked Crush

Top 5 – Wow moments in gaming

5. Contact: The use of personal information to effect the game’s story
4. SOTC: The first Colossus… every other colossus… and the ending.
3. Duke 3D: Hearing the theme song on a 32 bit sound card for the first time
2. Half-Life: The enemy AI
1. Unreal: Walking outside for the first time and looking over the waterfall

5 – Fallout 1: Bounty hunters break my god damn legs
4 – Knights of the Old Republic: The Revan Reveal
3 – Beneath a Steel Sky: Finding Anita dead, stuffed in a locker
2 – Ouedan: Beating Ready, Set, Go on Hardmode
1 – Eternal Darkness: FUCKING BATHROOM SCENE!

2 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Bread Salesmen

  1. Billy Monks says:

    Thanks for mentioning Wicked Crush in your episode, and I’m glad you think it sounds interesting. The aspect of the game that’s really inspired by Demon’s Souls is the idea of interacting with others while playing alone, although I couldn’t help but laugh when Paul mentioned how I walked around with my shield up a lot. We’re working on adding more content and game structure, so hopefully you’ll be more impressed by future builds if we’re funded.

    Very fun show, keep up the good work guys.

    • Paul Bit says:

      I love feedback! Thank you Billy for putting up such a unique kickstarter. I’m a backer on the project now because I really think the concept is fantastic and the work you’ve shown so far is pretty damn solid. Especially that shield animation.

      Best of luck on getting funded. I’ll certainly be doing my small part to get more people to take notice.

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