Episode 12 – One of these things is not like the other ones

Beware the Jabberwock my son
This week Paul, James and Ben welcome you to the twilight zone where nothing is real and everything is pretty much the same as before. Watch how the mighty Pro Evolution 2013 falls under the weight of our banter and not even Gabe Newell escapes our confused questioning of his motivations! Kickstarters, Indie games, Kinect and a news attack so long it belittles the very concept!  Also the boys bring up their top 5 games with non standard/unusual control schemes and DRAMA(tm) ensues.

Next week: The Dark Souls Memorial, Top 5 Ragequit moments in gaming

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Show notes after the break.

Top 5: Games with non-standard/unusual controls




1. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (Gamecube)

1. Psychic Detective

1. Goldeneye

2. GIRP and QWOP

2. The Typing of the Dead

2. Heavy Rain

3. Kirby’s Canvas Curse

3. Kirby’s Canvas Curse

3. Football Manager

4. Envirobear 2000

4. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

4. Assassin’s Creed

5. Warioware Twisted

5. Flower

5. Too Human


Gabe Newell calls windows 8 “A Catastrophe”
The Banner Saga first shots revealed
Outernauts released for facebook
Apple has a patent for a controller
A Story about my uncle
Secret world free weekend coming up
OnLive coming to Ouya
Silent Hill 3D trailer
Farming Simulator 2013
A new minecraft block?
Dungeon keeper 3? Nope! It’s Impire!
Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition coming Sept 18th to PC
Pre-order RE6 for Coolest Bonus Ever
Nintendo Hates Releasing Games
Microsoft stops development on Flight
Planescape: Torment Successor


Volgarr the Viking
Castle Story
The Harrowing of the Christ
Knock knock

initiate typing sequence

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