Episode 13 – Photorealz

Look out for angry birds

Experience our new photorealistic episode as we make you feel things! Try not to rage-quit as the gents remember the games that most angried their blood, peer into the future of screen-o-vision with the new VR headset ‘Oculus’, and hear about how all MMOs are dead and we’re faced with a future of nothing but offline content! (not really). Also, EPIC NEWS ATTACK ROUND!

Next week: Top 5 Overrated Games

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Show notes after the break.

What we’ve been playing:
James: League of Legends (free), DOTA 2 (beta)
Paul: Deadlight, CLOP, The Secret World
Ben: Tiny Wings

Top 5 Rage Quits

James Paul Ben
5 Metal Gear Solid 2 (XBox)  Dead Rising (360)  Super Mario Land (GB)
4 Castlevania (GBA)  Death Row (XBOX) / Unreal Tournament 3 (PC)  Death Row (XBOX)
3 Braid (Xbox360)  Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES)  Tennis (GB)
2 New Super Mario Brothers (DS)  Trials Evolution (XBLA)  Dragon Age: Origins (360)
1 The Darkness (Xbox 360)  Captain Comic (PC)  Castle of Illusion (GEN)

News of Note
VR Headset – Oculus
Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free to Play

2K says photorealism is needed for innovation

News Attack
War Z BETA signups are proving popular
NBA2K13 has Jay-Z as Executive producer
Bullet Run released
Valve removes ability to file class action lawsuit in EULA
You can you the existing 3ds circle pad pro controller with the 3dsxl!
Want to play Spelunky? Do it in browser now!
Capcom profits up! Dragons Dogma to continue as series
Ubisoft DRM fucks everything up
Far Cry 3 Co op detailed
Infinity Blade 2 on Android!!!  Suckers
WOW losing subs too Diablo
Playstation All-Stars stages and character leak
Finished Darksiders? Get a ‘Legendary’ scythe and armour in Darksiders 2
Dragon’s Dogma is Getting an Easy Mode Patch
New Maps in MW3
Rocksmith has a bass expansion, original still unsighted in Australia
New Army of Two Game
Halo 4 limited edition content
Ouya is tiny and has weird button labeling choice and Offensive Combat as launch title
Hacked Double N64 controller perfect for pod racer and goldeneye
Goldeneye source update
Skyrim expansion Dawngaurd for PS3 being held back because of unsatisfactory performance
EA Suing Zynga over The Ville
Dishonored’s voice cast is incredible
Epic Mickey 2 (3DS) is kicking it old school

Oldie of the Week: Rise of the Triad
Quick Games
ir/rational Redux
Tiny Barbarian DX
Everybody’s gone to the Rapture
The Swapper
Mech Warrior Online

Kick Starters
Indie Bundle?
Duck Quest?
Bad Planet – Now with Ron Perlman!
The Other Brothers

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