Episode 14 – Portrait of Yourself in a Museum for Yourself

Looking good

This week James and Paul share their bogus journey with your ears! Ben is missing this week, all the more opportunity for the lads to rummage through his unmentionables. Join us, and be confused about pre-ordering Photoshop on Steam for a bonus Artist’s Beret TF2 hat! James hangs out with Twinsen on Twinsun, Paul gets excited about a console that might be awesome, and Ben promises all listeners $20*! (*not really)

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Show notes after the break.

Oldie of the week

News of the week
Steam to sell software applications
Ouya Kickstarter ends with 8.6 million. Has heaps of announcements
Dean Parisot Attached to Direct Bill & Ted 3

News attack
Battle.net breached. Change your passwords
New Heavy Gear
Minesweeper getting achievements on Windows 8!
Dark Reign 2 goes open source
Day-Z Standalone confirmed
Abes Oddysee in HD
Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched!) released on PC
InSANE cancelled
Jace Hall to remake/enhance Blood
Scott Pilgrim gets online multiplayer added as DLC
A plants vs Zombies Multiplayer shooter?
Bioshock infinite multiplayer cancelled
Kinect 2 leak
A new angry bird! WOW!
Crytek Engine 3
Jet Set Radio $9.99
Rayman News!

Games to Gawk at
Wild Blood
Sir, You are Being Hunted
They Bleed Pixels
XBLIG Indie Games Uprising III
Sacred Citadel
Colour Bind
Warframe (Beta signup)

Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels
Project Slugger
Project Giana

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